Learn foreign words with Smart-Teacher

Learning words in pictures with pronunciation, translation and practice

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This self-teaching game helps to learn productively correct pronunciation and spelling through visual and audio support. For the correct organization of the learning process will help the function "Smart-Teacher". With this interesting and entertaining game you or your child will be able to add new words from scratch to their vocabulary through playing. The vocabulary is the foundation for good oral and writing skills. This free app works in offline mode. You can learn words in the following language modules:
Learn English British
Learn English American
Learn Spanish
Learn Italian
Learn German
Learn French
Learn Polish
Learn Portuguese
Learn Ukrainian
Learn Russian
Learn Chinese
Learn Taiwanese
Learn Korean
Learn Czech
Learn Slovak
Learn Serbian
Learn Greek
Learn Swedish
Learn Japanese (Gojūon: hiragana and katakana)
Learn Danish
Learn Norwegian
Learn Dutch (Nederlands, Hollandic)
Learn Arabic (we recommend to install Vocalizer TTS)
Learn Hungarian
Learn Romanian
Learn Croatian
Learn Belarusian (we recommend to install Sakrament TTS)
Learn Indonesian
Learn Turkish
Learn Vietnamese
Learn Bulgarian (we recommend to install Vocalizer TTS)
Learn Hebrew (we recommend to install Vocalizer TTS)
Learn Thai
Learn Hindi
Learn Finnish
Learn Estonian
Learn Persian / Farsi (we recommend to install eSpeak TTS)
Learn Latvian (eSpeak TTS)
Learn Lithuanian (eSpeak TTS)
Learn Bengali (Bangla)
Learn Malay (eSpeak TTS)
Learn Slovenian / Slovene (eSpeak TTS)
Learn Azerbaijani (eSpeak TTS)
Learn Albanian
Learn Macedonian
The learning process consists of several stages:
- Learning the alphabet, parts of speech, such as nouns, adjectives, verbs with phonetic transcription through flashcards and sound accompaniment by TTS (text-to-speech).
- Testing of the knowledge of the words happens through fun and simple tests:
• Choosing the right word for the picture.
• Choosing the dynamic moving images for the words.
• Writing words and spell check.
This engaging game of skill is a mobile tutor for self-study of vocabulary and phonetics on the elementary level.
List of topics: colors, human body parts, domestic animals, wild animals, animal body parts, birds, insects, sea life, nature, natural phenomena, fruits, vegetables, food, kitchenware, home, home interior, bathroom, home appliances, tools, office, school supplies, school, numbers, geometric shapes, musical instruments, shop, clothes, shoes and accessories, toys, infrastructure, transport, travel, entertainments, information technology, human, society, professions, sport, summer sports, winter sports, prepositions.
Added mini phrasebook with transcription, it includes common phrases and expressions, adjectives, topics - months and family for such pairs of languages: English British, English American, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese European, Portuguese Brazilian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Slovenian, Chinese, Belarusian, Greek, Macedonian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Thai, Korean, Bengali, Hindi.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Update exchange rates and quotes online and use currency calculator offline

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Currency converter contains more than 150 currencies and has a handy calculator that will help you to easily calculate the price of the goods in any currency in the world. The app works offline, the online mode is only required for update currency. If you don’t want to spend on expensive roaming, you can convert currencies offline, but don’t forget to update these rates.
- Possibility to change the rate manual.
- Ability to select priority currencies that will always be at the top.
- Currency exchange rate since the last update.
- Saving the last currency pair and changing the direction of exchange with one touch.
Recalculation of foreign currency exchange rates is automatic after selecting the base currency.
Directory contains the currencies that participate in the international Forex market, and contains rates of regional currencies.
A complete list of currencies:
USD US Dollar
EUR Euro
GBP British Pound
INR Indian Rupee
AUD Australian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
SGD Singapore Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
JPY Japanese Yen
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
NZD New Zealand Dollar
THB Thai Baht
HUF Hungarian Forint
AED Emirati Dirham
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
MXN Mexican Peso
ZAR South African Rand
PHP Philippine Piso
SEK Swedish Krona
IDR Indonesian Rupiah
SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal
BRL Brazilian Real
TRY Turkish Lira
KES Kenyan Shilling
KRW South Korean Won
EGP Egyptian Pound
IQD Iraqi Dinar
NOK Norwegian Krone
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar
RUB Russian Ruble
DKK Danish Krone
PKR Pakistani Rupee
ILS Israeli Shekel
PLN Polish Zloty
QAR Qatari Riyal
XAU Gold Ounce
OMR Omani Rial
COP Colombian Peso
CLP Chilean Peso
TWD Taiwan New Dollar
ARS Argentine Peso
CZK Czech Koruna
VND Vietnamese Dong
MAD Moroccan Dirham
JOD Jordanian Dinar
BHD Bahraini Dinar
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
NGN Nigerian Naira
TND Tunisian Dinar
UGX Ugandan Shilling
RON Romanian Leu
BDT Bangladeshi Taka
PEN Peruvian Sol
GEL Georgian Lari
XAF Central African CFA Franc BEAC
FJD Fijian Dollar
VEF Venezuelan Bolívar
BYN Belarusian Ruble
HRK Croatian Kuna
UZS Uzbekistani Som
BGN Bulgarian Lev
DZD Algerian Dinar
IRR Iranian Rial
DOP Dominican Peso
ISK Icelandic Krona
XAG Silver Ounce
CRC Costa Rican Colon
SYP Syrian Pound
LYD Libyan Dinar
JMD Jamaican Dollar
MUR Mauritian Rupee
GHS Ghanaian Cedi
AOA Angolan Kwanza
UYU Uruguayan Peso
AFN Afghan Afghani
LBP Lebanese Pound
TTD Trinidadian Dollar
TZS Tanzanian Shilling
ALL Albanian Lek
XCD East Caribbean Dollar
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal
NPR Nepalese Rupee
BOB Bolivian Bolíviano
ZWD Zimbabwean Dollar
BBD Barbadian or Bajan Dollar
CUC Cuban Convertible Peso
LAK Lao Kip
BND Bruneian Dollar
BWP Botswana Pula
HNL Honduran Lempira
PYG Paraguayan Guarani
ETB Ethiopian Birr
NAD Namibian Dollar
PGK Papua New Guinean Kina
SDG Sudanese Pound
MOP Macau Pataca
NIO Nicaraguan Cordoba
BMD Bermudian Dollar
KZT Kazakhstani Tenge
PAB Panamanian Balboa
BAM Bosnian Convertible Marka
GYD Guyanese Dollar
YER Yemeni Rial
MGA Malagasy Ariary
KYD Caymanian Dollar
MZN Mozambican Metical
RSD Serbian Dinar
SCR Seychellois Rupee
AMD Armenian Dram
SBD Solomon Islander Dollar
AZN Azerbaijan Manat
SLL Sierra Leonean Leone
TOP Tongan Paanga
BZD Belizean Dollar
MWK Malawian Kwacha
GMD Gambian Dalasi
BIF Burundian Franc
SOS Somali Shilling
HTG Haitian Gourde
GNF Guinean Franc
MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa
MNT Mongolian Tughrik
CDF Congolese Franc
STD Sao Tomean Dobra
TJS Tajikistani Somoni
KPW North Korean Won
MMK Burmese Kyat
LSL Basotho Loti
LRD Liberian Dollar
KGS Kyrgyzstani Som
GIP Gibraltar Pound
XPT Platinum Ounce
MDL Moldovan Leu
CUP Cuban Peso
KHR Cambodian Riel
MKD Macedonian Denar
VUV Ni-Vanuatu Vatu
MRO Mauritanian Ouguiya
ANG Dutch Guilder
SZL Swazi Lilangeni
CVE Cape Verdean Escudo
SRD Surinamese Dollar
XPD Palladium Ounce
SVC Salvadoran Colon
BSD Bahamian Dollar
XDR IMF Special Drawing Rights
RWF Rwandan Franc
AWG Aruban or Dutch Guilder
DJF Djiboutian Franc
BTN Bhutanese Ngultrum
KMF Comorian Franc
WST Samoan Tala
SPL Seborgan Luigino
ERN Eritrean Nakfa
FKP Falkland Island Pound
SHP Saint Helenian Pound
JEP Jersey Pound
TMT Turkmenistani Manat
TVD Tuvaluan Dollar
IMP Isle of Man Pound
GGP Guernsey Pound
ZMW Zambian Kwacha
Count your money easily!

Metro Maps

Public transport maps offline - The whole world

Metro, rapid transit, tramways and other public transport 200+ cities

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A convenient application for travelers!
It includes non-interactive transit maps of different cities in the world. The app works offline (without an internet connection) and is free.
The catalog has the following urban transport maps:
Algiers Metro
Oran Tramway
Buenos Aires Underground
Yerevan Metro
Brisbane Train Network
Metro Trains Melbourne
Transperth Trains Perth
Sydney Trains Network
Vienna U-Bahn
Baku Metro
Minsk Metro
Brussels Metro
Charleroi Metro
Belo Horizonte Metro
Brasilia Metro
Fortaleza Metro
Porto Alegre Metro
Recife Metro
Rio de Janeiro Metro
Salvador Metro
São Paulo Metro
Teresina Metro
Sofia Metro
Calgary Ctrain
Edmonton Light Rail Transit
Montreal Metro
Toronto subway
Vancouver SkyTrain
Santiago Metro
Beijing Subway
Changchun Subway
Changsha Metro
Chengdu Metro
Chongqing Rail Transit
Dalian Metro
Dongguan Rail Transit
Foshan Metro
Fuzhou Metro
Guangzhou Metro
Guiyang Metro
Hangzhou Metro
Harbin Metro
Hefei Metro
Hong Kong MTR
Kunming Rail Transit
Nanchang Metro
Nanjing Metro
Nanning Rail Transit
Ningbo Rail Transit
Qingdao Metro
Shanghai Metro
Shenyang Metro
Shenzhen Metro
Shijiazhuang Metro
Suzhou Rail Transit
Tianjin Metro
Wuhan Metro
Wuxi Metro
Xi'an Metro
Xiamen Metro
Zhengzhou Metro
Medellin Metro
Prague Metro
Copenhagen Metro
Santo Domingo Metro
Cairo Metro
Addis Ababa Light Rail
Helsinki Metro
Lille Metro
Lyon Metro
Marseille Metro
Paris Metro
Rennes Metro
Rouen Metro
Toulouse Metro
Tbilisi Metro
Berlin U-Bahn
Bielefeld Stadtbahn
Bochum tramway network
Bonn tramway network
Cologne Stadtbahn
Dortmund Stadtbahn
Duisburg Stadtbahn
Dusseldorf tramway network
Essen tramway network
Frankfurt U-Bahn
Hamburg U-Bahn
Hanover Stadtbahn
Munich U-Bahn
Nuremberg U-Bahn
Stuttgart Stadtbahn
Athens Metro
Budapest Metro
Namma Metro Bengaluru
Chennai Metro
Delhi Metro
Rapid Metro Gurgaon
Hyderabad Metro
Jaipur Metro
Kochi Metro
Kolkata Metro
Lucknow Metro
Mumbai Metro
Isfahan Metro
Mashhad Urban Railway
Shiraz Metro
Tabriz Metro
Tehran Metro
Brescia Metro
Catania Metro
Genoa Metro
Milan Metro
Naples Metro
Minimetro Perugia
Rome Metro
Turin Metro
Fukuoka City Subway
Astram Line Hiroshima
Kobe Municipal Subway
Kyoto Municipal Subway
Nagoya Municipal Subway
Osaka Municipal Subway
Sapporo Municipal Subway
Sendai Subway
Tokyo JR
Tokyo Subway
Yokohama Municipal Subway
Almaty Metro
Rapid KL
Guadalajara light rail system
Mexico City Metro
Monterrey Metro
Amsterdam Metro
Hague Tram
Rotterdam Metro
Auckland Rail Network
Pyongyang Metro
Oslo Metro
Panama Metro
Lima Metro
Manila Metro and Light Rail Transit System
Warsaw Metro
Lisbon Metro
Porto Metro
Bucharest Metro
Kazan Metro
Moscow Metro
Nizhny Novgorod Metro
Novosibirsk Metro
Saint Petersburg Metro
Samara Metro
Volgograd Metrotram
Yekaterinburg Metro
Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah, Metro Southern Line Mecca
Mass Rapid Transit Singapore
Johannesburg Gautrain
Busan Metro
Daegu Metro
Daejeon Metro
Gwangju Metro
Incheon Subway
Seoul Subway
Alicante Metropolitan Tram
Barcelona Metro
Metro Bilbao
Madrid Metro
Metro Malaga
Metro de Palma de Mallorca
Metro Seville
Metro Valencia
Stockholm Metro
Lausanne Metro
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
Taipei Metro
Taoyuan Metro
Bangkok MRT and BTS Skytrain
Adana Metro
Ankara Metro
Antalya Trams
Bursa Bursaray and Burtram
Istanbul Metro
İzmir Metro
Dnipro Metro
Kharkiv Metro
Kiev Metro
Kryvyi Rih Metrotram
Dubai Metro
Glasgow Subway
London Underground and DLR
Tyne and Wear Metro
MARTA Atlanta
Baltimore Metro Subway
MBTA Subway Boston
Buffalo Metro Rail
Chicago "L"
RTA Rapid Transit: Red Line Cleveland
Metro Rail
New York City Subway
Newark Light Rail and City Subway
Philadelphia SEPTA and PATCO Speedline
Pittsburgh Light Rail
San Diego MTS
BART San Francisco
Tren Urbano San Juan and Puerto Rico
Central Link Seattle
MetroLink St. Louis
Washington Metro
Tashkent Metro
Caracas Metro
Los Teques Metro
Krakow Trams
Gdansk Trams
Poznan ZTM
Valparaiso Metro
Macau Light Rapid Transit
Jakarta MRT
Palembang LRT
Naha Okinawa Urban Monorail
Doha metro
Maracaibo Metro
Valencia Metro
Hanoi Metro

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